There Is A Better Way To Fight Wildfires

On Wildfire
Turning the Tide
A Simple Box

Deaths: 3,400





Fires: 1,319,500





Injuries: 14,670





Cost: $23.0 Billion



$23.0 Billion*


*All values for 2017 (current data) | Source: US Forest Service / FEMA 

US Aerial Wildfire Fighting Capacity


  740,480 gallons


Today If Using The Guardian:

2,000,480 gallons


Note: The Guardian is NOT currently used by any agency on any fire in the United States

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Let others know about Caylym and with the Guardian System, there is a better way to fight wildfires.



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Contact you legislator about the need to get more planes fighting wildfire, and that Caylym is here to help.


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Locate and contact your regional FS office, and share The Guardian System. It’s never too late to be more effective in combating uncontrolled wildfire.


Find Your Region

Let others know about Caylym and with the Guardian System, there is a better way to fight wildfires.

Australia: A Fleet of Their Own

Australia already has a massive fleet of aerial fire fighting aircraft. Australia has 12 C-130s, 10 C-27Js, 8 C-17s, and 10 Chinooks. These aircraft are already paid for and the crews are trained and paid for. When equipped with the Guardian Aerial Fire Fighting System these aircraft carry tremendous payloads...

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Burned Home
Too Late to Evacuate

New South Wales fire service is telling thousands of residents in this Australian State to stay home and shelter because it is too late to evacuate. After three casualties and more than 150 homes being destroyed by the bushfires, the Australian government is urging people to work together to survive the...

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Even Without A Flame, Wildfire Devastates

The immediate threat of wildfire to the lives of its victims is always the most pressing news, and the most direct and obvious concern. But for those who survive, yet lose their homes, the pain lingers for years...

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