Burned homeNew South Wales fire service is telling thousands of residents in this Australian State to stay home and shelter because it is too late to evacuate. After three casualties and more than 150 homes being destroyed by the bushfires, the Australian government is urging people to work together to survive the catastrophe threatening the heavily populated areas on the east coast of Australia.

More than 3,000 firefighters from Australia and neighboring countries are fighting the blazes in the State, currently totaling more than 70 fires, and covering more than 3,800 square miles. More than 600 schools have been closed due to the bushfires and smoke. In the neighboring state of Queensland, 1,000 firefighters are fighting more than 50 fires.

Specific causes are unknown, but the higher than average temperatures, lower than average rainfall and high winds are certainly aggravating the situation, and several “catastrophic” fire warnings are in place, including areas of Sydney. The forecast for the next 10 days is not encouraging, as more high winds and no rainfall are predicted.

While the residents of Australia are accustomed to the “wildfire season”, and are used to being prepared, this rash of outbreaks came early and quickly, catching many unprepared.

How can we help?

  • Can we get more aerial resources in place?
  • Can we fight the fire through the night?
  • Can we stay prepared year-round?
  • Can we affect the climate? 

While together we may or may not be able to affect the climate, let’s tackle what we can do now - visit caylym.com for more information on a 24hr, low-cost, immediate aerial firefighting solution.

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