The Caylym Fontana™  stores, transports, and dispenses fresh water in a strong, easy to handle, food grade container. In a crisis, clean drinking water is one of most important resources for both victims and rescuers.

The Fontana’s collapsible design makes it easy to ship, stack, and store providing the ideal pre-positioning capability alongside other vital resources in areas susceptible to crisis or in mobilization centers. Deploying into a cubic yard sized corrugated paper-based liquid bulk container, the Fontana holds 275 gallons of water and can be transported by a standard size pickup truck.

The sturdy Fontana container can be reused several times; simply replace the spent bladder with a new one, fill the unit, and redeploy to the area of need with clean, fresh drinking water.

The Fontana system eliminates the need for cleaning protocols, harsh chemicals, and wasted labor needed to clean the inside of a fixed tank or bladder.

After the crisis, the durable Fontana can return to its original flat shipping configuration, making shipping, stacking, and storage simple and efficient.