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The Caylym Guardian System

Caylym's Guardian system enables hundreds more available aircraft to join the fight against wildfires, from the air, twentyfour hours a day.

Using well established cargo delivery procedures, the Guardian allows formations of aircraft to attack wildfires safely, from higher altitudes, at lower cost.

The Guardian is a significant advancement in Aerial Firefighting. Caylym’s development team, based in Fresno Ca., has designed a patented firefighting system that is simple and universal. The Guardian is an 8-ply, continuously wound corrugated container that holds 264 gallons or 1000 liters of liquid. Unlike other systems, no aircraft modifications are required to use The Guardian.

This advanced system is deployed using the well-established Container Delivery System (CDS) procedures from any rear-loading cargo aircraft. Each Guardian releases its contents below and behind the aircraft in an overlapping pattern creating an instant and accurate rainstorm. The Guardian has demonstrated the ability to deliver a payload designed for a direct attack or for laying a long, consistent, solid line for retardant.  


The Guardian Answers the Call

An Aerial Firefighting Fleet When You Need One

Using existing military aircraft, The Guardian expands a country’s aerial firefighting capabilities without the need to perform any aircraft modifications. Local and national governments no longer need to maintain and store a single-mission firefighting fleet. For example, the United States only has a dozen or so high capacity water bombers, yet the ANG has hundreds of military C-130s capable of delivering the Guardian. These military aircraft, operated by State Air Guard Units, can serve their home or neighboring states in times of need. This potential aerial firefighting fleet is operated and maintained by the ANG and is mission ready.


The Guardian is Easy to Ship, Store, and Assemble

The Guardian can be assembled, filled and loaded in minutes with just two workers. Though the Guardian is 100% recyclable and 90% biodegradable each individual Guardian unit and its components remain tethered land inside the drop zone for easy clean up. Units can be collapsed into their space saving shipping configuration and recycled.


Guardian Benefits


Guardian History


Guardian Training

Caylym will provide initial and continued training and certifications for crews involved with building, loading and deploying the Guardian system. Crews that become Guardian™ System certified will have a complete understanding how to build, fill, rig, load and secure the Guardian on the participating aircraft.