About Us

You may ask why we are here and why we would invest our time, energy… and yes, our own money in this endeavor? Because we believe we can help save a home from the destruction of a wildfire. We all live in or near areas where wildfires have ravaged neighborhoods, forests and the environment. We have seen first-hand the destruction, pain and personal devastation caused by wildfires and we want to contribute to a safe, simple and cost effective solution. We each have some aspect of experience, expertise or training to contribute to this purpose. This is who we are and why Caylym is here.

Our Name

The name Caylym is taken from the Latin word caelum, which means 'sky' or 'the heavens.' The english word 'celestial; is a derivative of caelum. The term 'celestial' refers to objects above the clouds; celestial beings, or heavenly beings such as god, angel, or guardian.

Our Team

Rick Goddard | Research & Development

Former Marine Officer with over 20 years experience in General Management of Manufacturing Operations. Expertise in Bulk and Performance Corrugated Packaging. Principal designer of Caylym's patented Guardian gravity based Low Velocity Air Drop System (LVADS.)

James Tadlock | Operations

Over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing Operations, Quality Control, Project Management and R&D in the Corrugated Packaging industry. Specializing in quality systems and intermediate (liquid) bulk container design and manufacturing. Extensive background in ISO 9001 based quality systems.

Toni Przybylski | Client Services

Over 20 years’ experience in Customer Service and international Sales Administration Support. Bi-lingual (Spanish), with expertise in contract administration, international trade and pricing management.

Alex Goddard | Finance

Extensive experience supporting business success through resource and capital management and planning.

Andrew Nemy | Global Logistics & Distribution
Kyle Goddard | Operation Support

Information and technology systems, emphasizing integrated remote support. Health and safety management to ensure safe and successful personnel operations. Effective training and system eduction for successful field and remote product deployment.