Wildfires in California are growing more destructive each year, resulting in the destruction of communities and property, or worse, the loss of life.

As representatives of the families, communities, and organizations that have been impacted by wildfires, we are asking you to take action. Join us in urging the Governor to expand our state’s firefighting resources to include creative solutions such as Containerized Aerial Fire Fighting System (CAFFS) technology that is being developed right here in California and is being used to successfully fight fires in places like Europe, Australia, and Peru.

There is more we can be doing to immediately fight wildfires from the air and allowing for the deployment of CAFFS technology is an important first step.

Congressmember David Valadao and other congressional leaders across the state are calling for increased aerial technology and both local and national news stories have emphasized the need for this new capability. All this momentum is encouraging, but we also need your voice!      

We’re inviting you to take action:

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