The BullWorks Rapid Barrier System

  • Flood Control
  • Vehicle Barrier
  • Instant Wall
  • Security Perimeter
The patent pending Guardian BullWorks is the modular, rapid deployment solution for a fast flood or utility barrier. Requiring 10% of the manpower and 10% of the time of traditional sandbag barrier, the BullWorks is the perfect, cost-effective, augment to emergency responses where resources are limited and a time is critical. The Guardian BullWorks is light-weight and easy to handle. Composed of 100% recyclable materials, it is environmentally friendly, and easy to dispose after use.
BullWorks-Single-Unit BullWorks Wave Crash
Single BullWorks stands 40 inches (3.3 feet) high Equivalent height as 8 layers of sand bags
Cropped-BullWorks-Image Modular, linked units create an expandable barrier without metal parts. Setup and takedown without tools or special equipment. Fill with sand, water, mud, or rock.


4' long x 3.3' high BullWorks Sandbags
Units 1 Guardian BullWorks 200 bags
Sand 1.4 cubic yards 2.5 cubic yards
Time to Build: Time to Fill: 1 unit, 2 persons, 3 minutes As little as 10 minutes 200 bags, 2 persons 5 hours
Clean up Modular container removal Partial uncontaminated fill Numerous units 50% more contaminated fill


BullWorks Diagrams BullWorks-with-Rocks