Wildfires — The "New Normal"?

Burning ForestWith the changing climate and apparent lengthening of the wildland fire season in many regions around the world, we have to remind ourselves that wildfires are NOT the “new normal”.  While we should be prepared at any moment for an emergency wildfire situation, it is essential that we do not become complacent about wildfires.

Australia’s Very Own Fleet of Fire Fighting Aircraft

C-130s On FlightlineAustralia already has a massive fleet of aerial fire fighting aircraft. Australia has 12 C-130s, 10 C-27Js, 8 C-17s, and 10 Chinooks. These aircraft are already paid for and the crews are trained and paid for. When equipped with the Guardian Aerial Fire Fighting System these aircraft carry tremendous payloads. None of the aircraft require modified and the CDS drop techniques are regularly used by the military. The Guardian payloads for each aircraft are as follows. C-130 - 16,000 liters, C-27J - 6000 liters, C-17 - 40,000 liters, the Chinooks - 6000 liters.

Too Late to Evacuate

Burned homeNew South Wales fire service is telling thousands of residents in this Australian State to stay home and shelter because it is too late to evacuate. After three casualties and more than 150 homes being destroyed by the bushfires, the Australian government is urging people to work together to survive the catastrophe threatening the heavily populated areas on the east coast of Australia.