The Caylym Guardian System

Caylym Guardian units deployed from an Italian Air Force C-130Guardian provides a responsive, safe, and accurate new method to take on the ever-present threat of wildfires. Designed with our environment in mind, the Guardian is a crate sized water container that deploys from a common cargo plane. Using a military designed logic system and GPS, the low velocity, air delivered (LVAD) Guardian lands within feet of its target. The release of the 1,000 liter (264 gallon) bladder a short distance above the ground delivers a highly concentrated cloud of retardant into the heart of the fire. The paper based packaging drifts down to be collected or allowed to breakdown and aid the soil in recovering after the blaze. The delayed deployment allows for airplanes and crew to fly significantly higher than previous systems (up to 1,500 feet AGL) helping keep people and equipment safely above the trees and flames. The unique crate shaped container is built to fit onto a common cargo plane (such as a C-130) without any special equipment or outfitting. This allows for a dramatic increase in the number of airplanes that can aid in the battle against wildfires. More planes and less special gear also mean lower cost, directly helping fire-threatened communities save on funding.

Italian Air Force C-27J Spartan conducting air crew training for delivery accuracy of Caylym Guardian CDS fire fighting units.Italian Air Force C-27J Spartan conducting air crew training for delivery accuracy of Caylym Guardian CDS fire fighting units in Sardinia, IT, spring 2015

Guardian Attributes




The patented Guardian™ unit uses natural and recyclable materials and consists of a 264 gallon (1,000 liter) bladder that can be filled with fire extinguishing and suppression materials. The approximate weight for the unfilled Guardian™ unit is less than 120 lbs (55 kg).

Vendor-Managed Inventory and Deployment Support

The Vendor-Managed Inventory service guarantees the usability of the Guardian™ unit by regular inspection of customer inventory. Deployment support service includes the transportation and coordination of Guardian™ units from the customer’s storage site to the assembly/fill locations. This service also includes Incident Management System coordination at the assembly/fill locations. The Incident Management System coordination offered will meet the requirements specified by the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Assembly & Fill Crew Certification

Crew training for Guardian™ System certification is provided at the customer designated air launch locations. Certification includes instructional classes on unit assembly, filling and arming. Caylym offers the following certification classes: Rigging, Crew Lead and Trainer.

Integration of Inter-Agency Support

This service offers the use of a Caylym-managed collaborative process for existing Inter-Agency Agreements. The process provides Guardian™ unit sharing, deployment support and inventory re-supply among various agencies.

  • Enables use of most cargo-configured aircraft with a rear-ramp
  • including C-127J, C-130, CH-47, and C-17 aircraft
  • Units hold 264 gallons (1,000 liters) self-contained extinguishing material (fresh/salt water, gel, or foam)
  • Only minutes to assemble, fill & load;
  • Multiple missions on a single load
    • Loads can be dropped up to 1,500 feet (457 meters) Above Ground Level
    • The Guardian delivers the retardant at or above industry rates and contained units eliminate retardant contact with the airframe